Poems | Mary Shuk Han Wong
A writer, teacher, and scholar. Grew up in Hong Kong. In search of a world.

Images | Chi Him Yuen
A film director and photographer making time flow less fast.

Sounds | Hippocrates Ching Nam Cheng
Explore himself and the world through the practice of art and sounds as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and artist.


Translators and Readers

Fiona Law
Lecturer at the Department of Comparative Literature, HKU. Research interests include animals, cinema, and Hong Kong culture.

Angel Treadaway
A self-exiled writer in London.

Ting Guo
Searching for nuances within and light of the world.

I-chun Chen
Kawasaki based homemaker / handy woman keeping a cat-husband at home.

Motonori Sato
A professor of Jack of All Trades at Keio University and lover of literature, cinema, and life.

Mo Yan Chi Lai
A vagabond teacher leading a life between theater and cinema and dreaming to be a nomad.

Winnie Yee
Teacher of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong.

Giovena Songwenjia Wang
Loves Hong Kong literature. Trained by a Maths department.

Victor Fan
A film and media philosopher and musician.

Yan Ho Siu
Ph.D. in Chinese. A chef.

Lisa Leung
Believes in hope; hopes to believe.

Annie Chan
A sociologist thinking to have her own radio show.

Eric Tsang
Loves local culture.

Yick. Eman.
Writes poems when frustrated.

Helena Wu
Conducts research in cultural studies and Hong Kong studies.


Web Designer | Keith Liu
A Hong Kong poet, independent publisher, and IT guy.

Editor and Curator | Chris Song
Growing into the child he was.

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