Curator’s Words

The Cave Whispers is an online exhibition of poems, images, and sounds.

Poet Mary Shuk Han Wong writes about the everyday and society. Her verses present a Hong Kong that seems both stricken and robust, urban and green, dead and alive.

Photographer Chi Him Yuen’s images juxtapose quiet groves with the crowded city. The liveliness and quietude in his images of urban and natural landscapes reflect our resistance to the pandemic abnormalities.

Composer Hippocrates Ching Nam Cheng fuses his thoughts about life, society and world into sounds. Just like his pandemic virtual opera “In the Midst of…”, his works continue to stir up our hearts to live mundane hardship. 

Wong and Yuen’s collaborative works that combine poetry and photography have matured over the years. Cheng also has rich experience in collaborating with many poets of Hong Kong. The trio’s dynamic dialogs of poems, images, and sounds express a conviction of beating the stagnant reality.

Our versatile web designer, Keith Liu, is a poet in his own right. He has created the Voice of Verse poetry website and is adept at virtualizing collaborative works of different art sectors in virtual space, especially when poetry is involved.

Curating this project, I see a universe in a line of verse, a world in a whisper.

Chris Song

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